If you want to hook more leads and close more sales, a great marketing tactic can do it.

What is it, you ask?

Asking questions. But not just any questions: open-ended questions.

Open-ended questions are the sales professional’s Swiss Army knife because of three reasons:

  1. They allow the prospect to tell you what they want in detail
  2. They allow the discussion to present many options
  3. These questions build trust with your prospects

Here are some examples of open-ended questions:

Fact-finding questions

Fact-finding questions help you mine your prospects for information you will use to make the sale. Ask questions that tap into your buyers’ motivations. Drill down until you understand your prospects’ core needs. Is it security? Wealth? Status? Ultimately, learn how your prospects define homeownership. Examples include: Why are you buying a house? What excites you most about homeownership? Do you think you’ll reside in the home short- or long-term and why?

Specifying questions

Specifying questions prompt clients to reveal how interested they are in pursuing your products and services. They also expose client needs and factors that could influence the transaction and show how close they are to committing. Examples include: Who else is involved in your decision to purchase a home?

Trust-building questions

These questions help you connect with your client on a personal level and build the rapport that will help close a deal and create a lasting referral relationship. These questions dig for your prospects’ values and interests. Examples include: What concerns do you have about homeownership? What do you like best about the neighborhood?

Using technology to close the gap

With the suite of tools involved in our new integrated marketing and technology platform, Growth Engine, you can close sales faster. Our video tool, Vidyard, is designed to put you face-to-face with prospects and clients and ask great questions without requiring a physical meeting. Vidyard is just one tool that decreases the time from prospect to sale along with others in Growth Engine.

Contact a Homebridge Recruiter to find out how Growth Engine can grow your business.

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